Aaron Chapman


Aaron Chapman's fine art photography is available for print upon request. Each image comes in a range of sizes and is printed on Smooth Cotton Rag paper.

Highway Gothic Postcard Series

Highway Gothic Postcard Series


'Highway Gothic' is an extension of 'Parallel City', a set of postcards produced for Super Souvenir at Festival 2018.

This postcard collection of manipulated images studies the symbolism found in Gold Coast suburb and road signs. While avoiding the iconography of bikini-clad women and neon lights, this collection explores the typographic and text-based elements of pre-2000s postcards by reinterpreting the city's signage. The found texts in these directional and instructional signs offer short descriptions of a Gold Coast ethos.

The artwork is an authentic, original work. All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist. Limited edition of 10. Available for purchase in store.

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