Aaron Chapman (b. 1990) is a photographer and writer from the Gold Coast, Australia. After several years travelling and working abroad, he returned to the Gold Coast to complete a Bachelor Arts at Griffith University. This return home marked the start of his focused storytelling practice and its ongoing development. Currently, he is working on long-term projects documenting his hometown by considering how, as a tourist city, its subcultures and associated stereotypes influence the perception of those who live there permanently.


2019 Borderlands. M-Arts Precinct. Murwillumbah (forthcoming).
Façade: Art Deco of Murwillumbah. M-Arts Precinct. Murwillumbah.
50 Squared Art Prize. Brunswick Street Gallery. Melbourne.

2018 Ilford Salon 2018. Centre for Contemporary Photography. Melbourne.
Keep The Fire Burning. Hillvale Gallery. Melbourne.
Surface Architecture / Parallel City (Super Souvenir). Edge — AIA Conference. Gold Coast.
June Exhibition. Left Bank Gallery. Gold Coast.
LANDSCAPE / LANDSCOPE. The Walls Art Space. Gold Coast.
Parallel City (Super Souvenir). Bleach Festival + Festival 2018. Gold Coast.

2016 OPEN NIGHT. Maverick Hair & Art Space. Gold Coast.


2018 The Rest Is West. The Walls Art Space. Collaboration with HOTA. Gold Coast.
Concrete Poetry. Head On Photo Festival 2018. Four Six Eight. Sydney.


2019 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize. Semi-Finalist.
Selected Participant, Alec Soth’s ‘Making a Photobook That Matters’ Workshop, Vancouver, BC. Fotofilmic (forthcoming).

2017 Chromatic Awards International Color Photography Contest, Cityscapes Category, Honourable Mention
Australia's Top Emerging Photographer 2017, Art Category, Highly Commended for 'Concrete Poetry'
The Independent Photographer Color Photography Award, Editor's Pick

2016 Lomography Breaking Boundaries Award, Winner
Gold Coast Open House Photography Competition, Finalist

2015 Griffith University School of Humanities Writing Prize


2019 GERMINATE Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).
Navigate Program. Supported by City of Gold Coast Council.

2018 LENSGC Commission. Supported by City of Gold Coast Council.
Re:membering by Umwelt Collective Commission.
Super Souvenir for Edge AIA Conference Commission.
Super Souvenir for Bleach Festival / Festival 2018 Commission.

2016 ABC / Griffith University Virtual Residency.


Latimer’s Crossing [2018] — HOTA (Home of the Arts) Gallery Collection. Gold Coast.
The Rest is West [2018] Artist Book — HOTA (Home of the Arts) Gallery Collection. Gold Coast
Highway Gothic [2018] — HOTA (Home of the Arts) Gallery Collection. Gold Coast.
Private collections in Australia.
Private collections in Germany
Private collections in United States.


2019 Visual Literacy: Between Photographs & Words with Aaron Chapman (forthcoming).
Phone Photography & Digital Storytelling Experience. Gold Coast Student Hub (May — forthcoming).
Phone Photography & Digital Storytelling Experience. Gold Coast Student Hub (April).
Head Shots with Aaron Chapman. Gold Coast Film Festival. ArtLab. HOTA. Gold Coast.
Phone Photography Workshop. HOTA. Gold Coast.
Aaron Chapman x Shibui Film, Film Photography Workshop. Helensvale State High School. HOTA. Gold Coast.

2018 Vintage Film Photography with Aaron Chapman. ArtLab. HOTA. Gold Coast.
The Digital Souvenir, Photography Workshop. Gold Coast Student Hub.


2018 Artist talk. The Rest is West. The Walls Art Space. Collaboration with HOTA. Gold Coast.
Snap Your Southport Photography Competition hosted by Australia Fair. Guest judge.


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2016 Bachelor of Art, Creative Writing & Literature. Griffith University. Gold Coast.